Accepting Yourself

Everyone at some point in their life will experience self-critical thoughts, thoughts of low self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. When these thoughts seem to drive our life though and take over our being is when we know we need to do something about it.

Has the thought of "not being good enough" stopped you from doing things? That feeling of being a "failure" affecting your work life? your social life? your relationships? Sometimes we have an overwhelming feeling about these thoughts and feel like they define us. We live our lives with these labels, "unwanted, unworthy, failure, hopeless". We try to move on from them but they keep bringing us down.

Group Information

We will be running a 16 week group to tackle these thoughts and feelings. The group will consist of 8-10 individuals who will be experiencing similar difficulties with two experienced therapists, one male and one female. The session will run on a weekly basis for 2 hours.