Social Anxiety

Social anxiety or social phobia is where we believe we may be judged negatively by others. Do you find yourself feeling nervous in social situations? Do you worry about what people may think of you? Do you find yourself being tongue-tied, blushing, experiencing palpitations amongst other physical symptoms when in social situations?

Sometimes we may feel we are the only ones with these symptoms however, there are thousands more like you. Why not come and join a group in a safe environment with people who are experiencing similar thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms as you. Somewhere, where you may not feel judged and can be yourself.

The group will consist of 8-10 individuals. It will run on a weekly basis for 16 weeks. Each session will be 2 hours long with a break in between.

A group can sound very anxiety provoking especially when you have social anxiety but remember everyone in the group will be experiencing similar symptoms to you. Having social anxiety can be very isolating and joining this group will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people.